Wedding at CJ’s Off the Square 4/23/17

As I was saying….the weekend of April 23, 2017 was crazy busy and made even more chaotic by the rain.  On this day Amanda and Dustin tied the knot in a damp ceremony at CJ’s Off the Square.  Susan Mullen was in charge of a trio that day to see them through the ceremony and cocktails afterward.  Kandi McIntyre was also pressed into service to sing several chosen songs including “There You Are” for prelude, “If I Should Fall Behind” for the mothers’ processional and “The Prayer” for the unity candle, all accompanied by the trio.  Just before the announcement of the newlyweds Kandi sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with words a little more appropriate for a wedding ceremony.  I never thought tying someone to a kitchen chair, breaking his throne and cutting his hair was particularly appropriate for a wedding.  But ours is not to question music choices…only to perform them beautifully.

Congratulations to Amanda and Dustin and their families.  May they continue to roll with those little showers that rain on people’s parades with love and good humor.


Wedding at Cedars of Lebanon Lodge 4/23/17

It was a very busy – and chaotic weekend with the rain forcing certain adaptations.  A trio of us gathered at the Lodge at Cedars of Lebanon State Park on April 23, 2017 to bring beautiful music to the nuptials of Ann and Jason.  Ann chose mostly classical selections which we are always happy to play.  Two friends of theirs sang songs, “Love Never Fails You” for her processional and “Clean” for their Communion and Unity Heart construction.  Chris, the male vocalist, got lost trying to find the Lodge and we didn’t get a chance to rehearse with him before the ceremony began.  The performance went flawlessly thanks to the experience and professionalism of all involved.

Jason and Ann wrote their own vows which were very lovely and touching.  After the kiss to seal their union, they made their way back down the aisle to “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”, a very joyful piece by Handel.

Congratulations to Ann and Jason and their families.  May they be able to share their love and faith for many, many years to come.

Wedding at George Jones Museum 4/22/17

Saturday found a trio of us convening on the third floor of the George Jones Museum at2nd Ave. N. on April 22, 2017.  There we played for the fun wedding of Maggie and Will.  They had requested contemporary music such as “Marry Me”, “Theme from Forrest Gump” and “Gangsta’s Paradise”, the song we used to bring in the groomsmen.  The guests laughed out loud when we launched into that tune.  Maggie met Will at the altar to the strains of “A Thousand Years”.  As their unity ceremony they chose to place a bottle of wine in a box to be opened in five years to celebrate their anniversary.  We accompanied them doing this with the Beatles’ “In My Life”.  And finally, we sent them back down the aisle as husband and wife to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”.

Congratulations to Maggie and Will and their families!

Rehearsal Dinner at Hermitage Hotel 4/21/17

The trio, after dashing from a previous wedding close by, played for a rehearsal dinner at the Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville.  The family requested classical music which we were glad to play.  We don’t get to play the classics so often anymore as tastes have changed.  We were even asked to continue playing after the contracted time which we were also glad to oblige.  Lauren and Krista of Southern Soiree, coordinators for this dinner and the wedding the following day, did their always flawless job of running things and making everyone comfortable.

Wedding at Riverwood Mansion 4/21/17

While rain is usually welcome for many reasons, it can certainly wreak havoc with wedding plans.  A couple needs to be prepared to roll with whatever happens with good humor and the fact that in the end they will be MARRIED.  That’s just what happened Friday evening at Riverwood Mansion.  Krystal and Greg were married in the garden in between showers with umbrellas held over them while the guests held umbrellas as well.  Their ceremony had a couple of interesting rituals including being “lassoed” by their mothers and later a processional of bridesmaids and groomsmen circling around the guests and back down the aisle to deposit coins.  Not sure of the significance because we, being parked on the porch to keep our instruments out of the rain, couldn’t hear the officiant explain what was happening.  At the end of the ceremony they also passed through a sword arch done by some of her colleagues.

Congratulations to Krystal and Greg and may they have a long and happy life together.