Had a wonderful…

Had a wonderful month in Lakeside, OH playing in a summer orchestra.  Good food, good friends and good music.  That’s my kind of vacation.

The month flew by and too soon found myself dashing back to Nashville to pick up where I left off.  But how can I complain when I get to come back to work I also love.  How many of you have work where people are dressed in their best, excited and smiling? 

So on August 25 Rena married Andy in a lovely ceremony at CJ’s Off the Square in Franklin.  I absolutely love playing at CJ’s not only because it’s a beautiful place but CJ and Amy know how to keep a cool head when things might not go as planned.

Shortly before the ceremony was to begin there was a cloudburst that I thought would cause the wedding to go plan B whatever that was.  But the rain stopped, the chairs got wiped dry and the wedding got started.  Rena came down the aisle to the Coldplay tune “Yellow” smiling all the way.  The really cool thing was the sun coming out just as Rena and Andy were saying their vows.  If that’s not a good omen I don’t know what is.

Congratulations to the bride and groom and their families!


Ok.  I’ve bee…

Ok.  I’ve been a slug again.  It’s vacation time at beautiful Lakeside, Ohio.  My idea of a vacation is playing in an orchestra for a month.  Lakeside is a Chautauqua (go look it up if you don’t know what it is) that hosts an orchestra every August in it’s century old auditorium.  Great fun.