Wedding at CJ’s Off the Square 4/23/17

As I was saying….the weekend of April 23, 2017 was crazy busy and made even more chaotic by the rain.  On this day Amanda and Dustin tied the knot in a damp ceremony at CJ’s Off the Square.  Susan Mullen was in charge of a trio that day to see them through the ceremony and cocktails afterward.  Kandi McIntyre was also pressed into service to sing several chosen songs including “There You Are” for prelude, “If I Should Fall Behind” for the mothers’ processional and “The Prayer” for the unity candle, all accompanied by the trio.  Just before the announcement of the newlyweds Kandi sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with words a little more appropriate for a wedding ceremony.  I never thought tying someone to a kitchen chair, breaking his throne and cutting his hair was particularly appropriate for a wedding.  But ours is not to question music choices…only to perform them beautifully.

Congratulations to Amanda and Dustin and their families.  May they continue to roll with those little showers that rain on people’s parades with love and good humor.



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