1/11/14 at the Marriott Hotel

The wedding of Melissa and Ayo took place at the Marriott Hotel near the airport on 1/11/14.  The groom, Ayo, is Nigerian and several of his friends and relatives arrived in native costumes and head dresses.  Stunningly beautiful!  This was one wedding where I regretted having to dash out as fast as I could to get to my next gig on time.  I would so loved to have had some pictures.  The officiant, Ralph Griggs, performed the ceremony with just the right mix of humor and seriousness.

Melissa, appropriately enough, made her entrance to “Winter” by Vivaldi.  Then we sent them off to “The Rejoicing” with great rejoicing on both sides of the aisle.  Congratulations to Melissa and Ayo and their families!

1/8/14 at the Hutton Hotel

Last Wednesday evening Silver Strings had the honor of entertaining at an awards dinner for LP Building Products at the Hutton Hotel.  We girls got to doll up in our sparkly gowns, spiky shoes, rhinestones and feathers and Steve in his tails to play mostly classical selections for the guests.  While we were asked to play classical music, we know that many people glaze over on a steady diet of unfamiliar music so we began to slip in a few not so classical tunes.  What people remembered of course was Coldplay and were both surprised and pleased that we mixed up the music.  Angie and Roger of GS&F along with their team brought off a flawless event.Image

Wedding on 1/5/14

Silver Strings kicked off 2014 with a wedding at the wonderful Wightman Chapel at Scarritt.  Michelle and Cory were wed as the snow began to fall outside in big white flakes.  We were a quartet this time so that we could do justice to the music Michelle wanted to make her day as magical as possible. 

We started the processionals with “You Are My Hiding Place” for the mothers, a beautiful, contemporary gospel song.  The attendants and children entered to “Concerning Hobbits” which turned out to be the perfect backdrop for the little ones who nearly stole the show they were so cute.  Michelle, on her dad’s arm, met her groom at the altar to the strains of “Secret Wedding” from Braveheart.  The icing on this confection of a wedding was sending them back down the aisle as husband and wife to “Harry’s Wondrous World” from the movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Congratulations to Michelle and Cory and their families!