6/16/18 Wedding at Scarritt

On 6/16/18 Silver Strings was in attendance at Wightman Chapel on the Scarritt campus bringing selection of contemporary songs to the wedding of Rachel and Nick.  I got a last minute request for “Stand By Me” from Rachel.  I asked her if she had just watched the Royal Wedding to which she admitted she had.  Fortunately I had set my alarm to get up in time to watch the royal nuptials and heard the gospel choir sing their interpretation of this song.  I got out my stock arrangement of the the Ben E. King version, decided it couldn’t be what Rachel was thinking and transcribed what the choir did.  I told the quartet to play it as though we were a gospel choir…which they did admirably.

Rachel had also asked for “Your Song” by Elton John for the mothers and men, “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional for the bridesmaids, and finally “Young and Beautiful” by Lana del Ray for her entrance.  After the vows and rings were exchanged, the pronouncement of marriage and most importantly….the kiss….we played them back down the aisle as husband and wife to “Shut Up and Dance”.  And indeed it was time to dance with joy and celebration.

Congratulations to Rachel and Nick!  May they have a long and happy union!

6/15/18 Wedding at St. John Vianney Catholic Church

On 6/15/18 Kate and Derick were married in a Catholic ceremony at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Gallatin.  We were a quartet that day and very much appreciated the help of organist and cantor, Stuart Kelly, in navigating the details of the Catholic marriage rite.  We also all agreed that it was such a pleasure to play selections from the classical literature for this wedding.  Kate chose things like the Brandenburg Concerto #3 and the stunningly beautiful Pavane by Faure for the prelude.  We brought family members to their places with “Arioso”, the men to “Trumpet Voluntary”, the bridesmaids to “Trumpet Tune” and finally Kate, on her mother’s arm, to “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”.  We mostly got to watch this beautiful rite with the exception of playing “The Prayer” and “Panis Angelicus” during Communion.  Finally after all was said and done and the bride and groom were presented as Mr. and Mrs., we sent them back down the aisle to “O Happy Day”.

Silver Strings wishes Kate and Derick a long and happy together.  Congratulations to them and their families!

6/9/18 Wedding at King’s Chapel

On 6/9/18 a trio led by Craig Duncan was present at the wedding of Ansley and Matty at King’s Chapel in Arrington, TN.  Music was very important to them for this joyous occasion and there were more than the usual number of processionals marking the entrance of the mothers, the groom, the maids and the bride.  Selections included “Butterfly Waltz” for the pastor and Ansley’s mother and grandmother, “Hallelujah” for Matty’s parents and groomsmen, “Canon in D” for Matty, “Tiny Dancer” for the bridesmaids.  Last but definitely not least “A Thousand Years” for the lovely bride, Ansley.  The wedding took place in the wooded area behind the clubhouse rather than the little church with the guests facing a lovely wooded area.  After the ceremony the newlyweds made their way back down the aisle to “Wedding March Recessional”.

Laurie Montgomery who works as coordinator for King’s Chapel did an amazing job of whipping the wedding party into shape during the rehearsal including such details as to how the men were to hold their arms as they escorted the women to and from the ceremony.

Congratulations and best wishes to Ansley and Matty!

6/9/18 Wedding at Ruby Cora

On 6/9/18 a trio of us made an afternoon trip to Adams, TN to provide the music for the nuptials of Taylor and Cory at a site overlooking the freshly harvested fields of wheat in the countryside.  Marcia Winn, owner of Ruby Cora, has taken great care to make her event venue beautiful and welcoming.

I mostly worked with mom, Chauncy, on the music as kids these days have way too much on their plates and welcome the help of parents and friends.  The processionals were mostly classics with my choice of prelude music.  The scenery begged for things like “Butterfly Waltz” as there were many swallowtail butterflies lending their grace and beauty.  The minister showed his sense of humor at the end of the ceremony by telling Cory he could now make out with his bride after which we played them back down the aisle to “Cowboy Take Me Away”.

The reception took place in a specially designed building for events that was mostly windows with beautiful views out all sides.  The trio played Country tunes, old and new, while guests had cocktails and barbecue.  We even wore our Cowboy boots in honor of the music requested.

Silver Strings offers many wishes to Taylor and Cory for a long and happy life together.

Ruby Cora

Rehearsal at Ruby Cora

5/27/18 Wedding at Castle Gwynn

On 5/27/18 it was our pleasure to convene at Castle Gwynn in Arrington, TN for a wedding in front of a magnificent replica of a castle worthy of the Knights of the Round Table.  There Kevin and Sarah said their self-penned vows in front of family and friends.  But I’m ahead of myself…the music included some well known songs from Disney movies including “Someday My Prince Will Come” and “Bella Notte”.  The entire wedding party including the bride and groom arrived to the strains of “Concerning Hobbits”.  As I mentioned earlier the couple wrote their own vows.  In addition to that they exchanged albums of pictures of themselves from their childhoods.  At the close of the ceremony they returned back down the aisle to “Meryton Townhall” from Pride and Prejudice.

Kevin and Sarah were a delight to work with and my colleagues and I wish them every happiness in their journey together as husband and wife.IMG_0674

5/26/18 Wedding at Long Hollow Gardens

Meanwhile at Long Hollow Gardens another wedding was taking place just after a cloudburst where Caroline wed her sweetheart, Andy in a traditional ceremony accompanied by not-so-traditional music played by a string trio of Craig Duncan, Julianna Waller and Gary Tussing.  Mothers were seated to “This Must Be the Place”, Andy then entered to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” followed by Star Wars “Throne Room” for the groomsmen.  Bridesmaids entered to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” followed by bride, Caroline, to “You’re My Best Friend” (Queen).  During the ceremony their unity celebration was of planting a Bonsai tree to the “Feather Theme” from Forrest Gump.  The newlyweds were then sent back down the aisle to “You Make My Dreams Come True”.

The sun smiled on this happy occasion and the rain stayed away for the rest of the evening.  Callie of Lavender Events did a great job of coordinating the rehearsal and wedding.

And now congratulations are offered to the bride and groom and their families with wishes for a long and happy life together.

Wedding rehearsal at Long Hollow Gardens

Wedding rehearsal

5/26/18 A Very Special Wedding

May 26 was a big day for Lily and Jesse as they tied the knot in the backyard of their home in the presence of many friends and family.  Lily is the daughter of colleague, Toni Ferguson, who would normally be playing in the quartet but this time had the honor of being mother of the bride.  The music included the Franck Sonata for violin and piano (but this time accompanied by the other strings) played beautifully by Jocelyn Sprouse.  Aunt Deidre along with friend, Sherry, played the slow movement from the Bach Concerto for Two Violins to start off the processionals beginning with Toni and honorary grandmother, Beegie Adair.  Attendants arrived to “La Vie En Rose” after which Lily  floated in on her Dad’s arm to “Homeward Bound” (not the Simon and Garfunkel song), and Jesse on her brother’s arm to “Isn’t She Lovely”.  During the ceremony guests were treated to a pair of geese flying over at one point and then a pair of cardinals, the symbolism not being lost on anyone.  With laughter and tears of joy Lily and Jesse were finally married.  We sent them back down the aisle to “Cantina Band” from Stars Wars signaling that it was time to PARTY!

The reception was loads of fun.  There was a photo booth where guests could assume silly poses with funny hats, noses, glasses, feathers, etc.  A karaoke tent was soon playing accompaniments for the brave singers willing to take their shot at entertaining the guests.  Jocelyn’s teenage daughter, Jennie Mae, set the bar really high from the beginning with an amazing rendition of a jazz standard, the title of which now escapes me.  Soon the barbecue saturated guests were dancing the night away.

Congratulations to Lily and Jesse with many wishes for a long and happy union!!