12/31/22 Wedding at the Country Music Hall of Fame

Reminder: The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

On 12/31/22 Esther and Jason tied the knot in the Rotunda of the Country Music Hall of Fame. A quartet of Silver Strings was in attendance to bring music to this important rite of passage. Esther chose a mix of contemporary songs and hymns for the prelude such as “Wonderful Tonight”, “At Last”, “Hallelujah”, “Amazing Grace” and “The Prayer”. The processionals started off with the officiant and a grandmother entering to the Handel “Air” from the Water Music, followed by the mothers to “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”. Next came the wedding party in couples along with 2 young junior bridesmaids to Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”. Esther chose Wagner’s “Wedding March” aka Here Comes the Bride for her entrance on her father’s arm. After the vows were said and rings exchanged, the quartet played Schubert’s “Ave Maria” while they lit a Unity Candle. The couple were then pronounced husband and wife, invited to share their first kiss and then presented as Mr. and Mrs. as the quartet played the Mendelssohn “Wedding March Recessional” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In honor of the Country Music Hall of Fame we played a rousing “Forever and Ever Amen” as guests left to continue the festivities elsewhere in the building.

Congratulations to Esther and Jason! Silver Strings wishes them a long and happy life together full of joy and blessings!


12/8/22 Memorial Service at Phillips-Robinson Funeral Home

One of the deeply meaningful and moving things Silver Strings did in December was to play for a Memorial at the Phillips-Robinson Funeral Home. This is a service for those families had who lost loved ones in the past year to be able to remember them by having their names announced and then placing an ornament on a Christmas tree in the chapel while soft music is played. A trio of us was asked to play this year. We played a selection of traditional carols as well as beautiful, contemplative contemporary songs. Some of the selections for the hanging of the ornaments included Michael W. Smith’s “All in Well”, “Hope of Israel” and “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming”. When the ornaments were hung and a short homily was given, the candles that each of the attendees were given as they entered the chapel were lit as the trio played a song that was a combination of “Night of Silence” and “Silent Night”. When the trio began playing “Silent Night” everyone joined in singing a couple of verses. After the song finished and the candles were extinguished, a blessing was given by the officiant after which Silver Strings played “Joy to the World” to send the attendees to a reception prepared for them.

It is indeed a loving and caring thing to do on the part of Phillips-Robinson to help people remember those they loved who have passed on.

12/4/22 Wedding Near Cookeville, TN

Reminder: The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

On 21/4/22 a trio of Silver Strings took a scenic drive to a sweet little chapel near Cookeville, TN called Lane’s Bend. Along with the chapel there is an adjacent building for receptions. The views of the surrounding forest from the windows of the chapel are stunning. We always add extra time to get to wedding venues just in case there are traffic issues and found ourselves arriving way early. It so happened that cellist, Xander Smith, needed to practice a solo he was going to perform that afternoon as an audition so violinist, Jocelyn Sprouse, and I suggested he practice for us in the chapel. It was such a treat for us.

Finally we began a late Sunday morning prelude for Alice and Bret in anticipation of their nuptials. We were asked to play classical selections such as the Vivaldi “Gloria” and Rachmaninoff’s “Rhapsody On A Theme of Paganini” and hymns including “As the Deer” and “For the Beauty of the Earth”…most appropriate for the setting. Alice asked that the officiant enter to the last song on the prelude program which was “A Million Dreams”. Then the family and wedding party entered to “Canon in D” followed immediately by “Perfect” for the flower girls ring bearer and finally the bride. The officiant then gave a delightful sermonette on marriage after which he guided Alice and Bret through their vows and ring exchange after which the trio softly played “In Christ Alone” while the couple took Communion. Finally the pronouncement, kiss, a prayer and the introduction accomplished, the new Mr. and Mrs. sailed back down the aisle to “This Will Be An Everlasting Love”.

Congratulations to Alice, Bret and their families on this most important day in their lives! Silver Strings wishes them much joy and many blessings as they begin their lives together.

11/12/22 Surprise Birthday Party

On 11/12/22 a trio of Silver Strings dashed from a wedding to a private residence to help celebrate a birthday. The party was a surprise to the birthday girl and I won’t say who or heaven forbid, the age, but the party was loads of fun for everyone…including the trio. I was joined by Susan Mullen on violin and Alex Shor on cello to play all kinds of fun music from rock & roll to movie themes to standards. We were set up in the “piano room” next to the foyer and were asked to play “Uptown Funk” when the guest of honor came through the door, then segue to leading the guests in the singing of “Happy Birthday”.

As we were sitting in front of the piano, Alex couldn’t help himself and asked if he could play the piano, which the hostess thought was a great idea. He wowed all of us with his rendition of “Uptown Funk”.

We were invited to partake of the sumptuous spread of hors d’voeuvres and there was a cake to live for. After the pandemic and losing a number of friends, I’ve decided that I don’t like saying “to die for” thus the change. And dang….I didn’t get the name of the place from whence this thing of beauty came.

Belated wishes for many more birthdays to the birthday girl!

11/12/22 Wedding at CJ’s Off the Square

Reminder: The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

On 11/12/22 Silver Strings Quartet was in attendance at the nuptials of Brette and Samuel which took place at CJ’s Off the Square in Franklin. It was bitterly cold that evening and the string quartet huddled in their winter coats under the pavilion and felt sorry for the wedding party who had to endure the ceremony without their wraps but we’re sure the bride, in her excitement, didn’t feel the cold for one second.

Brette chose some tunes that sent me to my filing cabinet archives. We played “Anniversary Waltz” and the Boccherini “Menuetto” as part of the prelude. Other tunes included “Butterfly Waltz” and “Flower Duet”. She kept the processionals simple by having the quartet play Van Morrison’s “Have I Told You Lately” for the family as well as the wedding party. Then for the bridal entrance we played Brandi Carlile’s “The Story”. You can bet the ceremony was short and sweet so the guests could hurry into pavilion where the heat lamps were going full blast as we played “You Are the Best Thing” for the recessional.

One other interesting thing about this wedding….I saw a person among the family milling around in the pavilion before the prelude was to start who looked familiar but I couldn’t think of who it could be. This shows how enormously uncool I really am when my colleagues told me it was a famous pop star (who shall remain nameless to protect privacy).

CJ’s team is the best there is. They never forget us or send people down to the wrong music. I sing their praises to whoever will listen.

Silver Strings, as always, was honored to be a part of this important rite of passage and wishes the happy couple many years of blessings in their life adventures together!

11/5/22 Wedding at Front Porch Farms

Reminder: The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

On 11/5/22 Mary and Mark were wed in front of guests at one of the most idyllic weddings venues in all of the Nashville and surrounding area. I would give my eye teeth to be able to walk out the back door of the residential home on the grounds every morning with a cup of coffee to get a fix of breathtaking beauty before starting my day. Even in the fall with overcast skies Front Porch Farms is still the most beautiful venue imaginable. As I was saying…Mary and Mark were wed under the spreading branches of an old oak tree. They chose contemporary music for their setting such as “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman, and “Feather Theme” from Forrest Gump.

When the time came for the processionals we brought in the mothers to “Sweet Child of Mine”, the wedding party to “To Make You Feel My Love” and finally the bride on her father’s arm to “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. Besides the vow recital and ring exchange, there was a special prayer for which we softly played “Oceans”. All too soon the ceremony was over and the happy couple were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. They made their way back down the aisle to continue the festivities in the reception pavilion.

Silver Strings congratulates Mary and Mark and their families. May their lives be filled with joy as they begin their new lives together!

10/29/22 Wedding at King’s Chapel

Reminder: The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

On the afternoon of 10/29/22 Sally and Mark tied the knot in the historic little chapel in Arrington that sits in front of the King’s Chapel housing development. Silver Strings came as a quartet and much to their delight were asked to play a selection of classics. For the prelude they played Handel’s “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”, Clarke’s “Trumpet Voluntary” and “Canon in D”. The mothers entered to Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, the wedding party entered (and here there is a slight change to more contemporary Coldplay) to “Clocks”. Sally was escorted to the altar by her father to “A Thousand Years” (ok, another contemporary tune but beautiful nonetheless). After the couple recited vows and exchanged rings, they partook of Communion as the quartet played “In Christ Alone”. At last the officiant presented the newly wed Mr. and Mrs. and sent them back down the aisle to their new life together to the Handel “Hallelujah Chorus”.

Andrea Davis-Fogg of Classic Wedding Designs did a great job of coordinating the wedding making our job a pleasure to play knowing we would get proper signals when the time came. The acoustics in the chapel are fabulous due to the all wood floor and high ceiling where strings sound great without having to push to be heard.

Congratulations are in order for the newlyweds and Silver Strings wishes them every happiness in the coming years!

10/29/22 Wedding at the Parthenon

Reminder: The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

On 10/29/22 a trio of Silver Strings were present as Ali married her sweetheart, Galen, in the majestic Parthenon on the main floor with Athena looking on. The couple chose music from the classical repertoire…a treat for classically trained musicians these days. I hasten to add that we don’t dis today’s music; it just feels good to play the music we love. Some of the selections we played include the Bach “Brandenburg Concerto #3 for Strings” and “Sheep May Safely Graze”, the Handel “Passacaile” and “The Rejoicing”, and my personal favorite, the Faure “Pavane”. The family entered to the Handel “Hornpipe”, the wedding party to the Bach “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” and finally Ali entered to the beautiful “Canon” in D by Pachelbel. After a short, sweet ceremony with the vows and rings, the officiant introduced the couple as Mr. and Mrs., who then made their way back up the aisle to Handel’s “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”.

Alyssa Guikema of Weddings by Epic oversaw the planning and coordinating of Ali and Galen’s wedding. She and her team did a great job of keeping the trio in the loop (we appreciate not being forgotten), making sure the people entering came in to the chosen music.

Silver Strings extends their congratulations to Ali, Galen and their families on this important rite of passage. May they have a long and happy life together filled with joy and surprises!

10/9/22 Wedding at Sycamore Farms

Reminder: The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

On 10/9/22 Maria and Colby exchanged vows at the lovely Sycamore Farms near Arrington, TN. Silver Strings was a quartet for this wedding which took place in front of the pond in a archway of flowers. The couple chose contemporary songs such as “Marry Me”, “Here comes the Sun”, “Stand By Me”, and “I’m Yours” for the prelude. The groom’s parents, grandparents and bridal party all entered to “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. Next came Maria escorted by both her parents to “On and On” by Thirdstory. There were two officiants for this ceremony. One of the things the couple did was to braid a rope while the quartet played “All of Me” by John Legend, after which the families of both the bride and groom came forward to all pray together while the quartet played “I Won’t give Up”. Vows said, rings exchanged the two officiants announced them as Mr. and Mrs. and sent them back up the aisle to “I Like Me Better” followed by a postlude of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” for the guests to move to the cocktail area.

For the cocktail hour the quartet decamped to a porch above the bar to play popular and rock & roll tunes. Selections included “All of Me”, “This Will Be an Everlasting Love”, “Forever and Ever Amen” and “A Million Dreams”.

Congratulations are in order for Maria and Colby. Silver Strings wishes them a life filled with joy and happiness!

10/8/22 Wedding at CJ’s Off the Square

Reminder: The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

On 10/8/22 Lisa and Clark were married in the lovely garden at CJ’s Off the Square in Franklin, TN. A trio of Silver Strings was present to provide music for the prelude and ceremony. The couple preferred contemporary songs so the trio started off with Coldplay’s “Clocks”, Elton John’s “Your Song”, The Beatles’ “In My Life” and “In My Blood” from Bridgerton. When it came time for the processionals, “Girls Like You” also from Bridgerton was the choice for the seating of the mothers and grandmothers. The wedding party entered to “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman. Finally Lisa arrived at the altar on the arm of her father to yet another fave from Bridgerton – “Wildest Dreams”. After the traditional homily, vows, ring exchange and first kiss as husband and wife, Lisa and Clark made their way back up the aisle to the upbeat sounds of “Shut Up and Dance”.

Congratulations to Lisa and Clark and their families! Silver Strings wishes them a long and happy life together!

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