10/26/14 Wedding at Travellers Rest

On a gorgeous afternoon a quartet of us convened at Travellers Rest to preside over the ceremony music for Janette and Brian.  Chairs had been placed for us under what I at first thought was a persimmon tree because the ground was littered with squishy fallen fruit that looked like persimmons to me.  The smell, however, was off-putting enough to prevent me from trying to eat one.  Turns out it wasn’t a persimmon but a gingko tree which gets really stinky in the fall.  Needless to say we didn’t even ask if it was ok to move to the other side of the space designated for the ceremony.

This was a very easy going, delightful wedding made even more fun by the hats many of the women wore…like those you see at British royal events.  Janette and Brian chose a mix of classical and contemporary music for the prelude and processionals.  We brought Janette to the altar to “Over the Rainbow” (a really neat choice) and sent the newlyweds back down the aisle to “First Day of My Life”.

Emily Kennedy of Kennedy Occasions, who was our coordinator for that day, did a great job of organizing everyone for a smoothly run ceremony.

Congratulations to Janette and Brian and their families.  Here’s a wish to them for many happy years together.

10/25/14 Wedding at CJs Off the Square

I have to admit we exceeded the speed limit a little to get from Opryland Hotel to CJs Off the Square in time to play for the wedding of Ashley to her sweetheart, Sean.  Ashley and Sean preferred more contemporary music for their prelude and processionals with the exception of “Here Comes the Bride” for Ashley’s entrance.  Between Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Stevie Wonder the trio kept the upbeat tunes coming through the recessional of “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey.

The crew at CJs always run a tight ship, never forgetting the musicians.  (It’s all about us if case you’ve forgotten.)

Silver Strings extends congratulations and wishes for a long and happy union to Ashley and Sean.

Reception at Opryland Hotel 10/25/14

Meanwhile at the Opryland Hotel in the gorgeous Magnolia Ballroom a trio of us, wired for sound, played ballroom music for Leila and Joseph.  They had been taking dance lessons for the last year and wanted to show off what they had learned.  So their first dance was a waltz to the beautiful “Butterfly Waltz” at the end of which was a long kiss to which we kept the music going until they came up for air.  After that Leila danced with her father to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and Joseph with his mother to “Sunrise, Sunset”.  I understand some of the older guests got a little misty to that one.  It would be difficult to say who had more fun…us or them.  Waltzes and tangos and foxtrots, oh my!  We could have played this stuff all day but as soon as it was over we had to make a mad dash to make sure someone else got married that day.

Many thanks to Krisie Tiffner of A Magical Affair who was the coordinator for that day.  We have been working with Krisie more lately and have come to really appreciate her skill at running events and not forgetting the musicians.

Leila and Joseph were a pleasure to work with and we wish them a long and happy life together!

10/25/14 Wedding at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

I know, I know…I’ve let too much time slip by since I last reported on the Silver Strings’ wedding lineup.  October 26, 2014 was a busy day.  Not having yet figured out yet how to clone myself to take care of two weddings at once, I did the next best thing which was to send Craig Duncan to lead a trio for the wedding of Nikou and Mike.  They chose a very traditional program of music…something that is happening less and less for us.  Mother of the bride, Sya, wrote the kindest review for me which I excerpt here:

I was told about Silver Strings by a wedding planner. I went to their web-site and was immediately impressed by the quality of music and the range of pieces available for our daughters wedding. I signed the contract, indicated the times and they were there. The music was exquisite. The musicians were professionally dressed. They arrived at the requested time ready to play. Many of our guests commented on how lovely the music was. After spending a year putting a wedding together, and having to make sure that vendors were where they were supposed to be, it was a relief to have Silver Strings on board. I never felt the need to “double check”. They did exactly what they said they were going to do and it exceeded out expectations.

Lauren Hartman of Southern Soiree did her usual amazing job of making a wedding go smoothly.  Makes our job so easy and allows us to enjoy playing beautiful music without worrying about getting proper signals.

And lastly, congratulations to Nikou and Mike and their families!

10/18/14 Wedding at the Hutton Hotel

Meanwhile Craig Duncan was leading a wedding for me at the Hutton Hotel where Morgan married her sweetheart, Enrico.  What so impressed the musicians was the love shown among the family members.  Morgan chose “A Thousand Years” for her entrance which we choreographed so that she would be entering after a gorgeous introduction and progressing to the altar as the music built to its climax.  After a lovely ceremony the newlyweds made their way back down the aisle to the fun “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

Lauren Hartman of Southern Soiree did a wonderful job coordinating.  Silver Strings has worked with her several times this year and have nothing but good things to say about her skills as a planner and coordinator.

Congratulations to Morgan and Enrico their families along with wishes for many wonderful years together.

10/18/14 Wedding at Scarritt

On October 18 we brought a trio for the wedding of Brian and Eszter who are vying to be my favorites for how easy they were to work with.  Brian was so organized and it came as no surprise that the coordinator they chose, Brittany Coleman, was every bit as organized and on top of things as he was.  Made our job a joy to be a part of the entire evening.

What was really great for the musicians was the changes of styles of music as the evening progressed.  We started at Scarritt with traditional classics, switching to jazz and swing tunes for the cocktail hour after everyone arrived at the Frist for the festivities.  During dinner we played a mix of light classics and classical sounding movie music.  Then it was time for the first dances of “All I Ask of You” for Brian and Eszter, “I Loved Her First” for Eszter and her dad, followed by “What a Wonderful World” for Brian and his mom.  Now it was time to let our classical hair down to play dance music ranging from “Billie Jean” to “Poker Face”.  Fortunately for us the Frist provided amplification for the trio that was piped all through the room.  We were so grateful not to have to worry about feedback and faulty sound boards so we could concentrate on putting our energy into the music.

It was terrific working with Brian and Eszter and we wish them many happy years together.