Wedding at Cedars of Lebanon Lodge 4/23/17

It was a very busy – and chaotic weekend with the rain forcing certain adaptations.  A trio of us gathered at the Lodge at Cedars of Lebanon State Park on April 23, 2017 to bring beautiful music to the nuptials of Ann and Jason.  Ann chose mostly classical selections which we are always happy to play.  Two friends of theirs sang songs, “Love Never Fails You” for her processional and “Clean” for their Communion and Unity Heart construction.  Chris, the male vocalist, got lost trying to find the Lodge and we didn’t get a chance to rehearse with him before the ceremony began.  The performance went flawlessly thanks to the experience and professionalism of all involved.

Jason and Ann wrote their own vows which were very lovely and touching.  After the kiss to seal their union, they made their way back down the aisle to “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”, a very joyful piece by Handel.

Congratulations to Ann and Jason and their families.  May they be able to share their love and faith for many, many years to come.


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