10/26/14 Wedding at Travellers Rest

On a gorgeous afternoon a quartet of us convened at Travellers Rest to preside over the ceremony music for Janette and Brian.  Chairs had been placed for us under what I at first thought was a persimmon tree because the ground was littered with squishy fallen fruit that looked like persimmons to me.  The smell, however, was off-putting enough to prevent me from trying to eat one.  Turns out it wasn’t a persimmon but a gingko tree which gets really stinky in the fall.  Needless to say we didn’t even ask if it was ok to move to the other side of the space designated for the ceremony.

This was a very easy going, delightful wedding made even more fun by the hats many of the women wore…like those you see at British royal events.  Janette and Brian chose a mix of classical and contemporary music for the prelude and processionals.  We brought Janette to the altar to “Over the Rainbow” (a really neat choice) and sent the newlyweds back down the aisle to “First Day of My Life”.

Emily Kennedy of Kennedy Occasions, who was our coordinator for that day, did a great job of organizing everyone for a smoothly run ceremony.

Congratulations to Janette and Brian and their families.  Here’s a wish to them for many happy years together.

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