10/10/14 Wedding at The Governor’s Club

October 10th brought the union of Aimee and Hunter as well as a Noah’s Ark style deluge.  Fortunately for all of us Aimee knew the object of the gathering was for her marriage to Hunter and everything else was detail.  We originally were to be on the lawn in back of the mansion for the ceremony but the heavens changed that plan in a minute.  They were married on the porch of the mansion under the covered area in the back.  Sarah Willard of Music City Events was a rock throughout the whole time fielding, with total cool and patience, the questions and requests that came at her like the pounding drops of rain.  We’re always grateful not to be forgotten in controlled chaos.

Aimee and Hunter chose mostly hymns for their prelude, classics for their processionals and then gave their guests a taste of the party to come by recessing to Starlight by Muse.  Their ceremony was sweet and made more intimate by having to squeeze everyone into a much smaller space.  They definitely made lemonade out the lemons that day.

The rain was soon forgotten as the party revved up.  Soon they were dancing their first dance to “Lovers’ Waltz”.  The guests were again reminded of the rain when it returned with a vengeance during the reception.  We could hear the sirens going off in the distance warning of possible tornadoes.  We continued to play as though we were on the Titanic as it was going down.  Nothing awful happened thankfully and the rain had let up by the time the guests began to take their leave.  Our mantra after such a wedding is “They’re married!” and so they were, rain or no rain.

Congratulations to all!  Blessings to the newly weds!

At the rehearsal as the sun went down.

At the rehearsal as the sun went down.