5/26/18 A Very Special Wedding

May 26 was a big day for Lily and Jesse as they tied the knot in the backyard of their home in the presence of many friends and family.  Lily is the daughter of colleague, Toni Ferguson, who would normally be playing in the quartet but this time had the honor of being mother of the bride.  The music included the Franck Sonata for violin and piano (but this time accompanied by the other strings) played beautifully by Jocelyn Sprouse.  Aunt Deidre along with friend, Sherry, played the slow movement from the Bach Concerto for Two Violins to start off the processionals beginning with Toni and honorary grandmother, Beegie Adair.  Attendants arrived to “La Vie En Rose” after which Lily  floated in on her Dad’s arm to “Homeward Bound” (not the Simon and Garfunkel song), and Jesse on her brother’s arm to “Isn’t She Lovely”.  During the ceremony guests were treated to a pair of geese flying over at one point and then a pair of cardinals, the symbolism not being lost on anyone.  With laughter and tears of joy Lily and Jesse were finally married.  We sent them back down the aisle to “Cantina Band” from Stars Wars signaling that it was time to PARTY!

The reception was loads of fun.  There was a photo booth where guests could assume silly poses with funny hats, noses, glasses, feathers, etc.  A karaoke tent was soon playing accompaniments for the brave singers willing to take their shot at entertaining the guests.  Jocelyn’s teenage daughter, Jennie Mae, set the bar really high from the beginning with an amazing rendition of a jazz standard, the title of which now escapes me.  Soon the barbecue saturated guests were dancing the night away.

Congratulations to Lily and Jesse with many wishes for a long and happy union!!


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