Wedding in Franklin 6/17/17

The second wedding in our June 17 double header took place in Franklin, TN at the Southern Hills Church of Christ.  This wedding was by far the most interesting, fun and challenging wedding in our long history of playing weddings.

Amy and Kyle were married in a more or less traditional ceremony with several practical jokes played along the way.  Processionals included “On the Street Where You Live” for the mothers and grandmothers.  Then the fun began with the groomsmen arriving to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” theme followed by “Concerning Hobbits” for the bridesmaids and kids.  Amy chose “Mrs Darcy” from Pride and Prejudice for her entrance.

After the preliminaries it was time for the exchange of vows.  One of the groomsmen handed Kyle his vows that looked like a wadded up piece of paper with nothing written on it.  Oh well.  Then came the exchange of rings at which time one of the groomsmen dropped a ring on the floor and went scurrying after it.  Turns out it wasn’t the real thing, just a distraction.  Vows finally said, real rings exchanged, it was time for the kiss.  This time all the groomsmen opened pieces of paper with either a number or comment written them in judgement of the kiss.  We’re not done yet…at the amen of the final prayer the trio launched into “I Am the Doctor” from Dr. Who, a song that on American Bandstand would have gotten the lowest rating possible for dancing.  The song is written in 7/8, a time signature that suggests a marked limp with the uneven feel of an odd number.

After the ceremony we reconvened outside to play more movie music, including the “Throne Room” processional from Star Wars for the presentation of the newlyweds,  and classic rock for the guests as they feasted and celebrated with Ashley and Kyle.  Several guests took the microphone to sing several requested songs accompanied by us.  As soon as the sun went down the guests were treated to a beautiful display of fireworks.

Congratulations to Amy and Kyle and a thanks from us for all the smiles and laughter.  A wonderful time was had by all.  Your senses of humor will be a huge asset in the daily ups and downs of married life.

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