Wedding at Two Rivers Mansion 3/25/17

The second venue on our wedding tour of March 25 was the Two Rivers Mansion near McGavock High School.  The scene of the ceremony was to be on the front steps of the mansion but Mother Nature had other ideas.  About five minutes before the processionals were to begin the heavens opened and the guests had to make a run for the house.  Minutes went by while we moved closer to the walls on the porch and continued to play for the guests while the decision was made to go ahead with the ceremony in the foyer of the house.  While the hair and clothes might have been a little damp, the rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the guests for the wedding of Kacey and Zach.  Dave, the officiant lead a lovely service while Kacey and Zach stood in the doorway of the house looking out over the maze.

After the nuptials we moved into the foyer to continue to play for cocktails.  By this time the rain had stopped and most guests had gone outside on the back porch or the front porch so we just hoped our sound carried in both directions.  Eventually I talked Kacey and Zach into a first dance for a photo op in front of the house.  We played “When I Fall in Love” for them while the photographer snapped away.

Kacey and Zach are a lovely couple, both singer/songwriters.  We wish them all the best in their continuing life’s journey as husband and wife.  Congratulations to them and their families!


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