Wedding at the Wren’s Nest 3/25/17

The first of a double header on 3/25/17 began at the Wren’s Nest near Murfreesboro with the wedding of Jeanne to Dave in the loft of the barn.  We were a quartet playing hymns and the two versions of “Ave Maria for the prelude.  As this was a second marriage for both of them they dispensed with a wedding party but seated the parents.  Jeanne made her entrance to “Canon in D”.  After a short but sweet ceremony they made their way back down the aisle and downstairs to the reception area to “Hymn of Joy”.

This all took place in the middle of the day so that it was a brunch after the ceremony.  Both guests and musicians had a big time with tunes such as “Wagon Wheel”…which we ended up playing twice so everyone could sing along and dance.  The highlight was the Johnny Cash portion, again with the singing along and dancing.  Jeanne had requested a couple of Johnny Cash tunes for Dave who had no idea we would have anything like that.  We did “I Walk the Line” and “Ring of Fire”.

The cake was made by a friend of the couple and boy, was it good!  The planner/coordinator was Lauren Hartman of Southern Soiree, another one of my favorites.  She never leaves us hanging out to dry with no direction.  She makes our job so easy (it’s all about us, you know ;-))

Congratulations to Jeanne and Dave!  They are lucky to be surrounded by a large and loving now-blended family and we wish all of them every happiness for many years to come.


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