Marriage Proposal 3/12/17

A couple of weeks ago on March 12 Toni Ferguson and I got to participate in a marriage proposal in Centennial Park just after the sun went down.  Before I go on…a word to the guys… this man has set the bar really high when it comes to proposing to his girlfriend.  Just so you know.

Amy had no idea of what was going to happen that evening.  With the help of a best friend a small picnic was laid in the grass near the Parthenon complete with glowing lanterns and snacks.  Toni and I hid behind a tree until the moment of the proposal.  The signal to jump out and begin playing our violins was when Jordan got down on one knee to do the deed.  We strolled over playing “Marry Me” by Train.  Then we played a few more songs for them including John Legend’s “All of Me” and Michael Buble’s “Moondance”.

That was only the beginning.  When the white limousine pulled up they were off to an evening on the town.  The limo company offered to take them to various places and take pictures of them before dropping them off at a restaurant for a celebratory dinner.  Toni and I were so pleased and honored to be a part of their engagement and send our congratulations to Jordan and Amy!

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