Wedding in Leiper’s Fork 10/8/16

October 8, 2016 was THE day for weddings this year.  And what a glorious day it was weather-wise.  The quartet I led and I found ourselves in a gorgeous rustic setting just outside of Leiper’s Fork at the nuptials of Shelbie and Zachary.  It felt like we were all in the middle of the woods with a slight breeze and lovely green foliage all around.  The fun thing about the setup was the disembodied door that everyone passed through to either take seats as guests or begin a processional.  The door, of course, was pulled shut after the bridesmaids, ring bearers and flower girl processed.  With a sweeping intro as a fanfare we launched into “At Last” for the door to open and Shelbie to make her trip down the aisle.  After a short but sweet ceremony they made their way to the reception tent to the strains of “Come Away With Me”.

The family was a joy to work with and it is always heartwarming to witness the abundant love shown among the family members.  Congratulations to this happy couple and their families!


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