Wedding at Two Rivers Mansion 6/4/16

June 4 of this year was the biggest day so far for weddings…and every one of them was for approximately the same time.  Fortunately I have several colleagues whom I trust implicitly to get the job done.

So the wedding I ran was at Two Rivers Mansion.  It was the day for women named Anna.  The bride was Anna, her coordinator was Mary Anna, the coordinator’s assistant was Maryann.  For my connection I added that my sister’s name  was Anna (who plays violin but doesn’t live here).

Anna (the bride) married her sweetheart, Kurt, on the front steps of the mansion.  They had requested contemporary pop music for their ceremony with selections such as John Legend’s “All of Me” for the bridesmaids and Train’s “Marry Me” for her processional.  We sent them back down the steps as husband and wife to “Don’t Stop Believing”.

We thankfully dodged the rain that happened earlier that day but the humidity made my already curly hair resemble the hair of the cartoon character, Nancy.  But this wedding wasn’t about me fortunately.  Anna was gorgeous and cool as a cucumber through her ceremony.

After the ceremony everyone made their way into the cool interior of the mansion for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  We were certainly grateful for the respite from the humidity and heat.  For the next hour we entertained those who remained in the cooler house with more classic rock tunes and the one tune that seems to be getting the attention of at least one or two guests enough to remark…”Game of Thrones”.

Congratulations are in order for Anna and Kurt and their families.  May they live happily ever after!


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