Wedding at Opryland Hotel 9/26/15

September 26 found Silver Strings at the Opryland Hotel in the Delta Pavilion presiding over the music for the nuptials of Jennifer and Ryan.  When Jennifer saw the Delta Room in the hotel a number of years ago, she knew she wanted to get married there.  And it was finally so.

The music covered all the bases from the sublime to the ridiculous.  We played “Claire de Lune”, Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” overture and other classical selections for the prelude but switched to contemporary music for the processionals.  “The Luckiest” was employed to bring in the entire wedding party.  Jennifer chose “Dream a Little Dream of Me” for her entrance.  One of the interesting things during the ceremony included a cross construction.  The officiant described the symbolism of the construction of the cross while Jennifer and Ryan assembled the parts.  Afterward two of Jennifer’s friends sang the hymn “Love at Home”.  Now for the ridiculous….they recessed as husband and wife to Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight”.

After the ceremony we made our way to the Magnolia Ballroom lobby to continue playing rock and roll with a few standards thrown in.  We knew we did the right thing when the bride nearly teared up as we played “Mrs. Darcy” from Pride and Prejudice.  Krisie Washington of A Magical Affair did a great job of making the wedding run smoothly.  We musicians are always grateful when the coordinator knows what she’s doing which makes it so much easier for us to do our job properly.

Congratulations Jennifer and Ryan!

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