Wedding at The Cordelle 6/7/15

The Cordelle, a historic home brought back to life as an event venue near the Howard School on Lindsley Ave., has become one of my favorite wedding venues.  So Rachel and Alex were married in the side yard next to the house on the afternoon of June 7.

Rachel, along with her best friend when they were younger, were big fans of the Beatles so we included a few Beatles songs in the prelude as well as for the bridesmaids processional and the recessional.  The bridesmaids entered to “With a Little Help From My Friends”.  I had gotten an arrangement of it from a friend of mine who had found it on the internet.  It looked a little strange to me so I keyed it into Finale and had my suspicions confirmed.  Also confirmed was my conviction to never buy arrangements off the internet.  Weddings are just too important to play bad arrangements so I set about writing a new arrangement With a Little Help From My Friend, Craig Duncan, who provided me the original Beatles score.

Rachel met her sweetheart, Alex, at the altar to the strains of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.  Officiant, Denise, conducted a lovely service and the happy couple recessed to the Beatles classic “All You Need Is Love”.

It was old home week for us musicians to see Rachel Gladstone, the coordinator, at the Cordelle.  We had worked many times with Rachel at Scarritt’s Wightman Chapel until she went off on her own.  It makes our job so much easier to have someone coordinating who knows what they’re doing.

Rachel’s mother, Jan, was a joy to work with as we emailed back and forth getting ready for Rachel and Alex’s big day.  Congratulations to the newlyweds and their families.  Many wishes to Rachel and Alex for a long and happy life together.IMG_0407

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