Wedding at Cumberland Park 5/24/15

I’d heard there was a park on the East side of the Cumberland near the Titans stadium and finally got to see it for myself.  The day was quite warm and I envied the kids and adults who were splashing around in a water play area.  But we had a job to do…to see that Katie and Ray got married to the proper music.  And proper for them meant Beatles, Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder and James Taylor.  Fortunately for us there was a DJ who was willing to hook us into the amplification system he was using for the minister.  Sound doesn’t carry so well outdoors and the stage where the wedding took place was quite large so it was very fortuitous that we were able to clip on contact mics and not have to play our instruments as though they were made by Black and Decker.

Katie and Ray chose traditional music for the mothers and bridesmaids.  Katie joined her groom waiting on the stage to “The Luckiest”.  Pastor Buzz Swett officiated with a lovely ceremony that included the unity ceremony of sand mingling.  Luckily they chose that over a unity candle as it was quite breezy that day.  After their union was sealed with a kiss we played them back down the aisle to Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend”.

Congratulations to Katie and Ray who were “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” that beautiful day in May.

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