Wedding at Country Music Hall of Fame May 9, 2015

May started off in grand style with the wedding of Dana of Matt at the Country Music Hall of Fame on the 9th.  They chose to have their ceremony outside on a terrace overlooking 4th Ave. S.  But I’m ahead of myself…Dana and Matt live in Singapore when they’re not getting married in Nashville and our first communication was via skype.  It’s so cool to talk in real time to someone a half a world away.

Meanwhile back at the wedding…Dana and Matt were definite about the nontraditional music they wanted and the unity ceremony they’d planned.  After a prelude of a mix of a couple of classical selections with Coldplay and U2 we brought the wedding party in to Coldplay’s “In My Place”.  Dana chose an excerpt from “Dig” by Incubus for her processional.  She wanted a specific part that started with a long crescendo, culminating in a joyous arrival at the altar, which we delivered.

The most interesting part was the unity symbol they had chosen which consisted of their writing their wishes for their marriage on a paper balloon that they sent skyward by means of a small flame lit beneath the balloon to inflate it and send it soaring.  While they were doing this we played the Kings of Leon tune, “Use Somebody” that couldn’t have been timed more perfectly if we’d actually practiced it.

Ceremony completed, kiss exchanged, pronounced Dr. and Mrs., Dana and Matt returned down the aisle to “I Feel Good”.  Time now to party.

Silver Strings continued the festivities for the cocktail hour that took place in the big foyer of the banquet hall on the top floor of the Hall of Fame.  We didn’t know if we were being heard at all but after we played a Patsy Cline medley at the request of the bride, one of the guests came up to comment and applaud.  That answered that question.  We continued with more Coldplay, Train, Bruno Mars and whatever a guest might ask us to do.

Congratulations to Dana and Matt and many wishes for a long and happy life together… Singapore.


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