Reception at Opryland Hotel 10/25/14

Meanwhile at the Opryland Hotel in the gorgeous Magnolia Ballroom a trio of us, wired for sound, played ballroom music for Leila and Joseph.  They had been taking dance lessons for the last year and wanted to show off what they had learned.  So their first dance was a waltz to the beautiful “Butterfly Waltz” at the end of which was a long kiss to which we kept the music going until they came up for air.  After that Leila danced with her father to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and Joseph with his mother to “Sunrise, Sunset”.  I understand some of the older guests got a little misty to that one.  It would be difficult to say who had more fun…us or them.  Waltzes and tangos and foxtrots, oh my!  We could have played this stuff all day but as soon as it was over we had to make a mad dash to make sure someone else got married that day.

Many thanks to Krisie Tiffner of A Magical Affair who was the coordinator for that day.  We have been working with Krisie more lately and have come to really appreciate her skill at running events and not forgetting the musicians.

Leila and Joseph were a pleasure to work with and we wish them a long and happy life together!

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