10/18/14 Wedding at Scarritt

On October 18 we brought a trio for the wedding of Brian and Eszter who are vying to be my favorites for how easy they were to work with.  Brian was so organized and it came as no surprise that the coordinator they chose, Brittany Coleman, was every bit as organized and on top of things as he was.  Made our job a joy to be a part of the entire evening.

What was really great for the musicians was the changes of styles of music as the evening progressed.  We started at Scarritt with traditional classics, switching to jazz and swing tunes for the cocktail hour after everyone arrived at the Frist for the festivities.  During dinner we played a mix of light classics and classical sounding movie music.  Then it was time for the first dances of “All I Ask of You” for Brian and Eszter, “I Loved Her First” for Eszter and her dad, followed by “What a Wonderful World” for Brian and his mom.  Now it was time to let our classical hair down to play dance music ranging from “Billie Jean” to “Poker Face”.  Fortunately for us the Frist provided amplification for the trio that was piped all through the room.  We were so grateful not to have to worry about feedback and faulty sound boards so we could concentrate on putting our energy into the music.

It was terrific working with Brian and Eszter and we wish them many happy years together.

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