6/21/14 Wedding at Belle Meade Plantation

On June 21, 2014 Van married his sweetheart, Mandy, in a lovely ceremony at Belle Meade Plantation.  The weather cooperated but just barely, spitting a little rain on us shortly before we were to begin the prelude music.  The guests were seated facing the mansion and were able to see Mandy’s face as she approached the love of her life to the beautiful “Canon in D”.

After the ceremony everyone made their way to the Carriage House where the Silver Strings quartet entertained with a selection of contemporary rock as per Van’s request (yes, the string quartet plays rock and even enjoys it) through the cocktail hour and dinner.  At one point we did ask a couple of the grandmothers what they would like to hear and they gratefully asked for “The Way You Look”.  We aim to please.

Meredith Zeller of Bridal Blueprints was the very cool and unflappable coordinator.  We so appreciate the planners/coordinators who know when to send the members of the wedding party to what music.

May Mandy and Van have many happy years together.

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