12/14/13 at Front Porch Farms

Silver Strings trio presided over the music at Front Porch Farms on 12/14/13.  It was so cold that day we froze our fannies off.  (Don’t worry they grew back while we slept.)  The afternoon started with Chelsea and Sanat being wed in a Hindu ceremony.  I would have given my eye teeth to have been a fly on the wall to see that beautiful ceremony.  When that ceremony was over the couple changed clothes to get married in a Christian ceremony.  I got to see their Indian wedding clothes for a brief second….gorgeous…both of them.

We played a mix of classical and classical sounding contemporary music for the guests while we all got as close to the heaters as possible.  By the time the bride and groom were ready the pavilion was actually warm enough for the bride not to shiver her way through her vows.  Their cute little pooch was included in the processional and behaved him/herself admirably.  Chelsea entered to the lovely “Butterfly Waltz”.  During the ceremony the guests gave a rousing “WE DO” when asked to confirm their support of the couple’s wedding vows.  When the ceremony was over we sent them off as husband and wife to “Bless the Broken Road”.

Congratulations to Chelsea and Sanat and their families.  We wish them many happy years together.Image


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